Transforming Today’s Manager into Tomorrow’s Leader

Leadership Mentoring & Development

Today more than ever, it is critical that a business leader is equipped to face the challenges in an increasingly technologically dynamic and changing business world.

Our finely constructed approach to leadership mentoring is the catalyst to allow insight to flourish, supporting the executive to realise new ways to meet business needs and personal goals.

You may be today’s manager, but our aim will be to provide the practical insight, selected reading and relationship building to develop you into tomorrow’s leader, capable of inspiring teams to deliver outstanding results

Our individually tailored Leadership Mentoring Programmes act to support the senior manager/executive to gain new perspective through rich and creatively challenging discussion providing insights gained from practical experience together with the latest thinking in the field of organisational change and development.

Our leadership-mentoring framework is robust and flexible enough to be tailored to the specific business needs and personal challenges of each individual and team.

A typical assignment framework:

Goal Setting
  • Establish agreements and objectives
  • Establish and agree overall measures of success
  • Confirm timescales and advise on proposed content
Charting Progress
  • Progrss toward specific goals with one to one or group sessions
  • Act as productive catalyst for refreshed insights into organisational challenges, working environment and personal development
Mid-point Review
  • Check progress against goals and review learning:
    • Confirm early successes / achievements
    • Identify ongoing challenges
    • Address gaps to achieving critical success criteria
Completion Review
  • Access progress to goals for clear understanding of results against goals and success criteria
  • Provide Stakeholder feedback
  • Completing mentoring relationship with final review; help incumbent identify learning subject matter and ongoing development

Each one-to-one and group session comprises two segments: a ‘thought piece’ discussion or case study followed by confidential analysis of individual issues, challenges and concerns.

‘Thought piece’ themes cover a broad subject matter spectrum to instil new insight and perspective and building compelling leadership and people management skills.

Each of out programmes is underpinned by a vast array of reading material, some 2,500+ articles and books.

Our current top 25 most popular reading material examples are listed below.

  1. Amabile, Teresa – How Leaders Kill Meaning at Work, HBR
  2. Meyer, Erin – The Culture Map, Decoding How People Think and Lead across Cultures
  3. Laloux, Frederick – Reinventing Organisations
  4. Chan Kim – Fair Process, Managing in the Knowledge Economy
  5. Drucker, Peter – The Coming of the New Organisation
  6. Exposed, Dick Fuld the Man who brought the World to its Knees
  7. Ferguson, Alex – Managing Manchester United, HBR
  8. Fishman, Charles – No Satisfaction at Toyota
  9. Hamel, Gary – Strategy as Revolution, HBR
  10. Ries, Al – The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding
  11. Kahane, Adam – Solving Tough Problems at Work
  12. Kotter, John – Leading Change, Why Transformation Fails, HBR
  13. Leadership Primer, Colin Powell – 18 Lessons on Leadership
  14. Leahy, Terry – Management in 10 Words (Mindmap)
  15. Manzoni, John – The Set up to Fail Syndrome
  16. Mintzberg, Henri – Strategy Safari
  17. The 31 Innovation Questions to Ask
  18. Vogt, Eric – The Art of Powerful Questions
  19. Skarzynski, Peter – Innovation to the Core
  20. Syed, Matthew – Black Box Thinking
  21. Tett, Gillian – The Silo Effect;Why Putting Everything in its Place, isn’t such a Bright Idea
  22. Owen, Jo – How to Lead; The Definitive Guide to Effective Leadership
  23. McChrystal, Stanley – Team of Teams; New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World
  24. Gerstener, Lou – Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?
  25. Masters, Blake – Zero to One: Notes on Start-Ups