Expertise on Building From the Ground Up

Our blend of organisational change, leadership development and corporate build skills enable a capability to help grow teams and organisations from inception.

You may be an individual with a burning passion to launch your first business or, alternatively, a senior manager in a large corporate tasked with developing and/or building a new team.

Either way, we can act as a constructive critical friend / challenger to help you realise your personal ambitions in a highly effective way, minimising the risk inherent in all stages of team development and growth.

We can help you analyse your own market potential and cascade this analysis into timelined, pragmatic initiatives designed to drive structured growth and sustained development.

Our favourite positioning statement acts as a precursor to a more detailed analysis:

‘Our strategy, customers care about it, it makes us unique.’

This leads to a more detailed discussion involving the 9 Compelling Proposition Questions, answers to which will help form the building blocks for a specific programme of build and development.

Just ask yourself:

  1. Am I crystal clear on the customer problem I am solving?
  2. What makes me an authority to solve this problem?
  3. How will my customer’s life change once I have solved this problem?
  4. Is my solution simple, distinctive and relevant (to me and my customer)?
  5. Do I have a razor sharp focus on the critical market segments to tackle?
  6. Am I clear on the priorities, resources and budgets to forge and sustain market penetration and momentum?
  7. Do I connect with my past and provide a credible, inspirational link to my future?
  8. Who do I need to inspire to join me on my new journey?
  9. What new skills do I need to acquire to overcome any personal limitations that might hinder the growth of my proposition?

The next two stages of our initial customer position analysis leads us to the ‘how’ of the organisational build looking at beliefs and values and the desired culture.

The third stage of our initial proposition analysis, the ‘what’ involves understanding the customer engagement initiatives required to execute a proposed business plan effectively and successfully.

Once we have distilled our analysis, we can then design and propose a well structured, meticulous programme geared to deliver growth to a planned schedule.

We have a track record of building teams in many industries, technology, management consulting, smartcard and financial services – you can read an overview of how we built a new product team in the UK pensions industry.

You may also wish to review our thought processes behind our Restless Inquiry® approach to team growth and development.