‘I have worked with Haydn on a number of assignments related to organisational and personal effectiveness along with stakeholder management spanning over ten years. Throughout this time, Haydn has brought continuously innovative thinking, relevant and valuable intellectual capital along with practical application in the workplace. In particular, his research into Organisational Build and High Performance Team Development, has led to the creation of a suite of models for diagnosing, action planning and trending of effectiveness. And in recent months Haydn has shared valuable insight into this work on a Recruitment Framework Design.’

Paul Reneaux, Programme Director, Hewlett-Packard HP

‘Haydn possesses the ability to the identify the key strategic and people issues rapidly and his logical and calm persona gets his message over effectively with genuine buy in. He can help build great teams with cohesion and a sense of deep purpose. He can be truly inspirational. He has worked for us in UK, France, Central Europe and in North America and I will continue to find challenges which he can tackle with me.’

Dyfrig James, Non-Exec Director, Lafarge Tarmac Lafarge

‘Haydn is a superb business coach and consultant. As a coach he has helped me define and direct critical business needs and targets, and moreover he has provided a strong sense of validation to my business aspirations and personal career goals. I would recommend him to any manager seeking to achieve breakthrough results in their business.’

Nigel Grace, Business Development Director, HFI Human Factors International