Our Purpose

Haydn is founder of Hunter Strategic Solutions and has specialised within organisational build, cultural change and executive leadership development for over 20 years working across many industries on an international basis.

Haydn Parry

‘From day one we have sought to help our global clients achieve breakthrough experiences through their people.

We have helped embed powerful team performance, provided insights on leadership development and by using our deep knowledge of organisational change, designed and delivered outstanding recruitment solutions which drive our client’s growth and success.

We understand how the concept of work is changing dramatically; the most successful organisations are those that reconcile personal fulfilment with the design and delivery of customer service excellence, embedding a culture where people apply discretionary effort willingly and where this is the norm.

We are concerned with the ‘how’ of mobilising superior people performance in the modern world and translating this into a win-win scenario where people and company values are aligned resulting in high performance, competitive excellence and an organisation which attracts the very best through their culture and success.

To help facilitate stretch thinking, we introduce new perspectives in a constructive way through the thought leadership encapsulated within our Restless Inquiry® programmes to enable the creation of what we term ‘Leader to Leader’ cultures.

We have conducted specific assignments and individually designed work programmes across many cultures and industries in the U.K., Central and Eastern Europe and the USA.

Our overarching purpose is clear… helping global leaders develop and build the high performance organisation of tomorrow, today.’

Overall the constant focus of our approach is people and organisation, their interconnection in the context of creating and delivering high performance in the pursuit of customer value and competitive excellence.