Case Studies in Executive Team Development and Transformation

“The effectiveness of organisations could be at least doubled if managers could discover how to tap into the unrealised potential present in their workforces.”
Douglas McGregor, MIT Professor

The above quote encapsulates the driving force behind the design and execution of our Executive Team Development and Transformation programmes.

Our programmes are designed to identify, and narrow, the gap between aspiration and reality, to unlock  ‘unrealised team potential’, within a carefully focused and commercially driven context.

“While the tools of management can compel people to be obedient and diligent, they can’t make them creative and committed”
 Gary Hamel, Management Writer

Firmly positioned at the intersection between strategy, culture and customer engagement, we explore and communicate the fundamentals of knowledge creation in a contemporary context.

Take our look at our montage of diagrams which help to formulate our Connect, Engage and Transform thought leadership approach which underpins our ‘Restless Inquiry ®’ programmes.

We unlock the answers to these questions through a highly innovative and interactive journey of discovery, analysis and action based decision making.

For client confidentiality reasons, we do not disclose specific client workshop details. However, we outline below a snapshot of recent programmes we have designed and implemented the UK, central and Eastern Europe and the USA:


‘Can you provide thought leadership and help design initiatives on how we might rescue a failing £multi-million programme with our key customer?’


Designed and implemented a ground breaking 3 month programme involving independent and combined workshops between supplier and customer.

‘You have helped to reposition our organisation successfully with our key customer. We would not have got this far without you.’ Account Director


‘I am not sure what strategic direction is best for us. We have options and some very sound, conflicting arguments. Can you facilitate a two day off-site to help us rationalise the most prudent way forward?’


Conducted a series of workshops, which helped the client organisation diversify into new markets.

‘This has been outstanding; we have gained new insights into our capability as a team and feel confident that we can forge new market relationships through understanding our strengths and how they might be applied.’ UK VP


‘How do I make my executive team more entrepreneurial without losing focus on the continued delivery of enhanced cost effectiveness across our region?’


Conducted a series of workshops, which centred upon enhancing leadership skills in the pursuit of driving enhanced employee engagement, team effectiveness and customer value. Invited to deliver key note presentations as part of a global transformation programme.

‘The ideas have been thought provoking and provided insights to help the team drive engagement and creativity through their respective teams.’ Regional President.


‘We are not joined up across Europe. What can we do to enhance our communications, combined expertise and client delivery expertise?’


Conducted an innovative and interactive “Swim Line’ exercise to reposition communications channels and enhance team and regional accountability.

‘We now have a cohesive line of sight on our expertise and delivery capability on a pan-European scale. Excellent work.’ European MD